Caroline Burnett Arc de Triomphe olieverf schilderij gesigneerd

Caroline Burnett

Born: 1877 Died: 1950

Known for: Parisien street-scene painting

Name variants: Carolyn C Burnett

De Breedte is 67,5 cm

De hoogte is 57,5 cm

De Breedte is 60 cm zonder lijst

De hoogte is 50 cm zonder lijst

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American-born artist Caroline Burnett was known for her Impressionist street scenes of Paris. Her painting style reflected the contemporary movement that was occurring in France during her time there. Caroline Burnett paintings also display hints of abstract influence, especially her figural paintings. This change of styles from time to time is not surprising, as Burnett's paintings were produced mainly for the tourist market.

Artist Caroline Burnett was a member of the Societe de Beaux-Arts in Paris, where she exhibited her works in 1898. Using both light and shadow with skill and precision, she painted cityscapes showing each season in Paris. Though her artwork's value is mainly aesthetic, Caroline Burnett oil painting prices are affordable for modern travelers who want a reminder of a place they have visited.

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Caroline Burnett Arc de Triomphe olieverf schilderij

  • Model: Caroline Burnett Arc de Triomphe olieverf schilderij
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